April 2024

What is a peekaboo at home gender test?

What is a peekaboo at home gender test?

What is a peekaboo at home gender test? That is what more and more people are asking themselves when they see a gender test passing by on the internet. More and more parents-to-be want to find out the gender of their baby. There are several ways to find out the gender of a child during pregnancy. For example, you can wait for the 20-week ultrasound, where the doctor often indicates the sex of the baby. This is not always the case, and a doctor will mainly look at any physical abnormalities. Don’t find out the gender during the 20-week ultrasound? No problem because with a peekaboo at home gender test, it is still possible to find out. Want to know how this works? We tell you all about it below!

DNA test

A gender test is actually a DNA test and the DNA material can be used to research the gender. A gender test can be performed at home, and you can take the DNA material yourself. For this, you obviously need the DNA material of the baby, and this is sometimes very difficult during pregnancy. In fact, it is dangerous to take DNA material directly from the child, this can endanger the pregnancy. Fortunately, the child’s DNA material is also in the mother’s blood. You can prick the blood with the DNA set kit, which is included in the packaging of the gender test. You then send the DNA material to the laboratory, where it can be further examined. You often get the results of the test within a few working days. You can open the envelope yourself or have someone else do it for you. This way, the surprise might be a lot bigger, so you might want to organise a gender reveal party.

Is it safe?

Before ordering a gender test, it is useful to know whether it is safe. A gender test cannot pose any danger to both mother and pregnancy. You can perform the gender test from 7 weeks of pregnancy, and it will be about 99.99% accurate. This way, you are assured of the gender, and that is of course a nice feeling when you do a gender test. With this, it is useful to buy the gender test from a reliable provider, so you can be sure to get a result. This way you know the gender of your child.

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