April 2024

Reasons You Might Need to get a Dental Crown

A couple of the cosmetic reasons that will drive you to get a dental includes repairing crooked teeth or a discolored tooth and to cover stained teeth. Most crooked teeth are not a concern and they can give you a unique smile. However, there are circumstances where crooked teeth can give you anxiety, cause health problems, or speech issues and those will need to be addressed. Some tooth stains are resilient to even the most professional whitening efforts.

When it comes to discoloration in teeth, there are three main categories which include age related stains, extrinsic teeth stains, and intrinsic teeth stains. Age related stains are a combination of the other two types of stains. The core tissue in your teeth will become yellow over time and it’s just a part of life. As your enamel thins, the tooth core called dentin will begin to show through. When you add the effects of tobacco and beverages your teeth will be more likely to change color as you get older.

Extrinsic stains are typically caused by an outside source that will stain your teeth. Drinks like coffee, certain foods, wine, tea, or colas tend to stain your tooth but can usually be cleaned with routine dental cleaning and the use of whitening toothpaste. Intrinsic stains happen below the tooth’s surface. It happens when particles get mixed in with the tooth enamel. This can happen a lot with children due to excessive fluoride use. This type of stain can be harder to remove but it is possible. It might require professional bleaching or whitening strips.

Functional Reasons

A few of the functional reasons to get a crown installed include weak teeth, large fillings, single tooth repair, or after a root canal procedure. Weak teeth are those who have been damaged or cracked. A crown comes in handy to hold the tooth pieces together. Teeth with large or repeat fillings on both sides may experience a weakening in the structure. A crown will strengthen those teeth. If you find that you need a single tooth replaced, there will be a crown installed over the implant. After a root canal treatment, one might experience brittle and weakened teeth. Dental crowns are installed in these cases to help the teeth regain its strength. If you’ve experienced a procedure and your teeth feel strange, don’t hesitate to contact any dental crowns lakewood ranch fl Dentist to get the proper care you may need.


Dental crowns are very common and there are a variety of reasons we might need to have one installed. Our teeth go through a lot on a daily basis, even if we don’t realize it. Harmful chemicals can contribute to deterioration as well as poor hygiene. Overall, the two main reasons we get a crown installed is for cosmetic or for tooth function. Both of these reasons can be severe enough to have your teeth looked at. Don’t be shy about researching your concern. If you need some answers, contact your dentist right away.

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