May 2024

Beta-Alanine Supplements: Understanding The Benefits & Side Effects

Beta-Alanine Supplements: Understanding The Benefits & Side Effects

You’ll need to exercise harder to stay fit, booststrength, or attain your athletic goals. However, the activity will require more energy and endurance, and your body can limit you. That’s why athletes and workout enthusiasts supplement using beta-alanine. That’s because the supplements provide various benefits and have minimal side effects.  

Here are the befits and side effects of beta-alanine supplements 

Benefits of beta-alanine supplements

Using beta-alanine that is high qualities has various benefits such as:

  1. Better performance

Choosing beta-alanine that is high quality will reduce fatigue, allowing you to train more and harder. It enables you to achieve your ideal workout goals.

  1. Reduced fatigue

Beta-alanine supplements increase carnosine content in your muscles and bloodstream. Carnosine is crucial in preventing lactic acid build-up, which causes fatigue. 

  1. Increase in workout volume

By delaying fatigue, beta-alanine supplements allow you to increase your workout volume.  

  1. Increased strength

Beta-alanine supplements enhance your workout performance, giving you more strength and energy.

  1. Increases endurance

Beta-alanine supplements help you endure high-intense workout activities. It does this by delaying fatigue and extending your time to exhaustion.

The side effects of supplementing with beta-alanine

  • Itching sensation

The use of beta-alanine supplements can cause an itching sensation on your skin. The feeling is harmless and temporary but can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. It is caused by the following:

  • Ethnicity:  Your ethnicity can make your experience varying tingling effects compared to others
  • Dosage: The amount of beta-alanine supplement you’ll take will determine the itching sensation. A higher dose will cause more tingling effects and last longer.
  • Sex: Your gender will determine the itching sensation you’ll experience, but it is more frequent in females than males. 

How to prevent beta-alanine side effects

Though harmless, it is essential to prevent or stop the side effects of beta-alanine, such as a tingling sensation. You can prevent the effects by: 

  • Taking a lower dosage: using a lower dose will lessen the itching effect and minimize the time it lasts in your body. So start by taking lower dosages; you can increase as your body adapts to the supplements. 
  • Spread your dose: rather than taking a high dose at once, spread it into smaller doses at take them during the day. Doing that will ensure sufficient carnosine content while avoiding the side effects. 
  • Take the supplements with food: Taking beta-alanine supplements with a meal will help you slow down its absorption, lowering the intensity of the itch sensation.
  • Use a sustained-release beta-alanine: The products come with unique designs that slowly release beta-alanine into your body from a single dose, enabling you to take more beta-alanine without high spikes.

Tips for buying the best beta-alanine supplement

  • Check its Safety: Get the supplement with optimal benefits and no significant side effects or allergies on your body. You can check for product reviews and descriptions to ensure you get it right. 
  • Consult a healthcare professional: A doctor can assist you in getting a supplement that offers optimal benefits that work well in achieving your goals. 

End of the line! 

The use of beta-alanine has been gaining popularity over the years. That’s due to ideal benefits ranging from delaying fatigue to increasing workout volume. However, it can cause an itching sensation, which is harmless, temporary, and avoidable.

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